How to write a diary page?

Make a report

Descriptive text

What you need to remember, however, beyond the difficulty of the theme, is not to write things that go beyond what is the main topic of the text and which is obviously found in the title.

Here too, the ladder and scheme to use is the same as above and consists of:

  • Introduction
  • Progress
  • Conclusion

To not go off topic, first complete your scheme in detail and read it again trying to understand if you have actually entered all the useful information or if there is something too much!

Finally, always carefully read the whole story very carefully and if you have any doubts about how to write some words, always check the dictionary.

How to write a theme for high school

In high school, writing a good subject obviously becomes more difficult.

Always based on what will happen to the Exam (this time of Maturity!) There are different types of themes that you will find yourself facing like the argumentative, topical or historical.

Each of these, although the outline / outline remains the classic “introduction-unfolding-conclusion” requires different attention and some special knowledge.

Remember that in high school the professors for the theme demand a lot therefore:

To write a theme in high schools it is good to always do a bad one, where to make mistakes, change, change and even twist everything in progress.

Remember to use the widest and most refined language possible, avoiding the cool but unprofessional style of Whatsapp.

Pay attention to style (some titles require a more courtly or more professional than others!)

If your problem is repetition, don’t be lazy and have a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms on hand.