How to Write a Speech in an English Essay Exam

Essential Tips for Students on How to Write an English Speech Essay

Students walk into exam rooms, not knowing what the examiner will ask. Then, boom! The question requires you to craft as speech as part of an essay exam. Imagine the tension and anxiety it would cause, especially to those who've never done it before. That would be a devastating feeling. But, before you find yourself there, you can learn how to write a perfect speech that will impress your teachers and get you high scores in the exam.

So, there is no need to freak out. Speech writing is enjoyable, even if it sounds daunting. With the right guidelines, you can deliver a captivating text that your examiners will admire. Here are some techniques you can use to make it a more comfortable writing process and score top marks in your essay.


For an essay, introducing yourself is very important. You're writing a speech in an exam, which makes the introduction part and parcel of the style. It will be a bit different from speeches that you could write for certain occasions since the MC will probably introduce you. Let your examiner know that you can comfortably introduce yourself to the listeners. Find ways to do it creatively.

A Solid Opening

Now, you want to start your speech after introducing yourself. The examiner already knows who you are, so you need to fascinate them with a strong, exciting, or humorous opening statement. Grab their attention with rhetorical questions, mesmerizing facts, or famous quotes. While such a specific quote may not earn you top score, it will illuminate how creative you can be with a bit of flair.

Maintain a Structure

You don't have to complicate the format of your speech in an exam. It would be beneficial to keep it simple with a gripping introduction, coherent and logical body paragraphs, and a firm conclusion. Be careful not to go off the track by discussing irrelevant points that may confuse the audience. The speech needs to be clear and concise.

Perfect Your Language

Teachers also assign English speech essays to evaluate students' understanding and mastery of English or any other language. It would help if you used proper language that boosts the examiner's confidence in the text you have written. First, avoid long sentences and use simple words that you can define. Make sure that you eliminate any grammar and spelling errors to deliver a clean essay.

1st Person Pronoun

Writing your speech using the 1st person is usually very useful as it allows you to connect with the audience. Incorporating "I" demonstrates that you're expressing your opinion or ideas. It should feel like you're having a conversation with them. You can also give personal experiences to improve the connection with the audience.

There you go. Don't find yourself in a box that you cannot escape because of your inability to write an English speech essay in an exam. As a student, master the tips in this article and enjoy writing an essay even under an exam room pressure.

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