What Should Your Research Proposal Contain?

What Are the Contents of A Research Proposal?

Do you need to know what is contained in a research proposal? A research proposal is used in scientific and academic projects to propose the research and request funding to complete them and ask about assignment help. Therefore, the contents of a research proposal should address the time and resources that will be used in research and its benefits. It must show the relevance of the study.

A good research proposal should have the following contents. They are explained in order of appearance to guide you with the format of the research proposal.

  • Tittle; you must have a catchy and informative title. The title should reflect on what you are going to write in your research proposal.
  • Abstract; you need to capture the reader’s attention with your abstract. The aim of your abstract is to present challenges faced by the relevant audience that you are keen to provide solutions to with your research. It should also contain the problem statement, which is your study’s goals, and include the questions you intend to use for the analysis. It also recommended that you provide some defining keywords to help your reader comprehend your research proposal’s main content.
  • Chapters; your research proposal should be broken into chapters. Every chapter in a research proposal is independent of the other. You must have a brief introduction to begin every chapter. Also, every chapter must have a summary that ties all the main points discussed in it.
  • In the first chapter, the introduction chapter explains the research problem or challenge in your problem statement. Also, clearly define the purpose of the research and indicate the research questions. Make sure you explain the relevance of your study extensively in this chapter. Include a brief statement of the methodology used in the research. Summarize this chapter by outlining the general structure of your document.
  • Literature review; in the second chapter is where you show your competency on the research topic. The literature you intend to use in your research must be relevant and precise. It is advisable to use current and recent literature as your sources of information. Ancient sources fail to address the idea of current trends, and obviously, the world keeps changing daily. Using headings and subheadings have a continuous flow of ideas. At the end of this chapter, summarize the main points from your sources or the literature review. Also, give a brief relationship between the variables stated.
  • Methodology; the third chapter covers the strategies used in researching and the research setting. Include the study population, methods of data collection, methods used for sampling the population, how data was processed, how data was analyzed, and the relationship between variables and then validate your findings. Include the problems faced during the research with ways that were implemented to overcome them,
  • References; you have to cite your sources and give credit to other people’s ideas. Use the reference format provided by your instructor. You should be able to reference all your ideas and graphics used, including all tables and media.
  • Appendices; include instruments for research, plan of the project, and the budget used.

This is all that is contained in your research proposal. Used them next time you write a research proposal.

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