What You Need to Know About Research Proposal Assignment

What Is a Research Proposal Assignment?

In any academic organization, doing a research proposal assignment has been made part of the coursework. Research proposal assignment is a tool to guide you to understand the purpose of your studies. You are required to summarize a proposed study using a written research proposal. Like any research proposal, you are required to explain your research contents, the choice of the study, and include if there is prior research done on the same.

Your research proposal assignment should be unique research valid. Ensure that the problem started at the beginning of the research has a solution at the end. A research proposal must be satisfying and help the target population that you have chosen.

How to Write a Good Research Proposal Assignment

You need to have an extensive thought on choosing a topic for your research proposal assignment. Choose a topic you are familiar with since you have to show mastery of the literature review section's content. Familiarity with the subject will also help you to have enough content to write. Below is a simple guide to writing a quality research proposal assignment.

  • Write your objectives down after choosing a topic. This will act as a roadmap when writing your assignment. It will also help you avoid leaving out important factors that you might leave out.
  • Provide all details required. Make sure no point is left out. A research proposal assignment is made up of several sections which are related. Leaving out one section will jeopardize the whole work. 
  • Defend your research proposal. Support is needed as a confirmation to the instructor that you conducted thorough research. 
  • Choose what works. The complex topic will lead you to get the wrong information. Always choose a topic you are comfortable with.

Format of a Research Proposal Assignment

You must have a structure that is neat and easy to read. The structure of your research proposal, as explained below.

  1. Tittle; choose a relevant topic to your intended research. The topic should be precise and catchy.
  2. Abstract; you should use the abstract section to summarize how you plan to do your research.
  3. Literature review; here you need to show mastery of the content you are writing about. Show the contemporary issues surrounding your research. Help the reader have perfect background information on the same study. This helps in comparison. Make sure you cite all your sources in the format provided by your instructor.
  4. Research objectives; here, you are required to show the goals of your research. It should be specific to academic and non-academic. 
  5. Problem statement; your aims for taking your research are justified here. Show the approaches you are planning to use to solve the research questions.
  6. Methodology; you should explain all methods you use for data collection, data analysis, sampling of the population, and instruments used for collecting data.
  7. Appendices; provide a plan of how your research should be done and the time you should spend on the field doing your research.
  8. References; all the sources of information and ideas you use to build your research should be written here.

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